Friday 7 June 2013

Strange errors on Australian Post & Go stamps.

The Post and Go Faststamps have arrived from Australia at last.  We weren't lucky enough, however, to receive any with errors like those shown below.

My thanks to Brian W for sending this picture of a strange occurrence down in Melbourne, where the details of 6 stamps were printed on 5 labels (below left)!

We know that spreading 6 stamps over 7-8 labels has happened before, and not just because the strip was pulled, but this is totally different.  The individual numbering is corect - 07 through to 12.  I can only guess that it was caused by some sort of spike in the power supply. 

Alex, in Australia, sent the image of the '6 on 7' strip above right, and wrote:

"As you can see from the image it is a strip of seven, with one being totally blank.  As the machines have been modified since collectors found they were able to create errors by pulling on the strips, this is a legitimate error. 

I am informed that it was most likely caused by a "buffer error".

It is interesting that my error also comes from Hytech machine A3. Both machines worked only intermittently for the first two days of the Expo, but A3 was easily the most recalcitrant."

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