Wednesday 22 May 2013

Flag Faststamp re-used from 21 or 27 May for Coronation anniversary.

The latest issue of Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin shows this entry in the 'diary' page:

27th May: Post & Go Union Flag re-issue for the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of HRH Elizabeth II

However, this is not a re-issue with an overprint, it is simply a re-use of the Union Flag stamp to coincide with the Coronation anniversary.  But - and there always seems to be a 'but' - there is some confusion over the dates.

Post Office branches with Post and Go machines have been told:

On Tuesday 21 May you will need to change the stamps in your Post and Go machine to the “Union Flag” Post and Go stamps. These are being re-released as part of the Queen’s Coronation Celebrations in June.

They should be used in your Post and Go machines until June 25th when the next set of Pond life (Lakes) series will be issued.

You should have stock remaining from Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012 however if you do need more, you can order more via Horizon

  • As this is not a new stamp, no First Day Cover envelopes, First Day Postmarking facilities or Stamp Packs have been issued.
So, if you visit Post and Go offices you ought to find the Flag already in use - indeed some offices with many machines may have had the Flag in continuous use alongside the Machin head and Freshwater Life stamps.


  1. If the date of the 27th May was correct for using Flags stamps in the Post & Go machines I wonder just how Post Offices would be open!

  2. Many South West England POs already switched to all Flags - sounds like they are operating to the letter of the memo!

  3. Maidstone PO finally had Flags available on 4 June!

    Kiosk 1 was still selling Machin heads. Kiosk 2 was malfunctioning, again, and I asked it was worth waiting and if it had Flags. It had Flags but I was told that the machine had been in start-up mode all morning.

    I called back half an hour later and got my Flags. After I had been served another customer assistant opened the machine again, as it was having issues with the rolls. He explained that as it was not a new stamp they had not been sent them automatically and were having to use part rolls from before. This seems to be causing grief to the machines. Perhaps the rolls are not wound tightly enough etc?


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