Tuesday 14 May 2013

British Classic Auto Legends includes 2013 Post Europ (Europa) issue

On the anniversary of the birth of Henry Royce (of Rolls Royce fame) and the centenary of the foundation of car-makers Aston Martin, Royal Mail are issuing a set of six stamps featuring classic cars.  The theme of the Europa stamps 2013 is postal vehicles, so Royal Mail have added a miniature sheet to this issue, with one stamp showing a Morris Minor postvan.  The stamps will be issued 13 August 2013.

The three 1st class stamps show a Jaguar E-type, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Aston Martin DB5.  The three £1.28 stamps show the MG MGB, Morgan Plus 8, and Lotus Esprit.

The 4 x 1st class stamps in the miniature sheet show workhorses of the British car industry. It features a Royal Mail Morris Minor van, a distinctive feature on British roads from the 1950s right up to the 1980s. Next the world famous London Black Cab with this version featuring the Austin FX4, and the original blue and white Police Panda cars, this a Ford Anglia 105E.  More up to date, the Land Rover Defender 110 is a Coastguard Vehicle, first produced in 1990.  As this is the PostEurop Issue the logo is shown in the bottom right of the Post Van stamp.

The stamps are designed by Why Not Associates, the Miniature Sheet by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies, and all are litho-printed by Cartor.

UPDATE: The issue date on the stamp sheets is incorrect - see here.


  1. Yet again, Royal Mail misses out on "The 2013 EUROPA Stamps Competition" on the PostEurop website where there is the "vote for the most beautiful Europa stamp 2013"

    1. So have you asked PostEurop why the UK's stamp is not included?

      And is this a regular occurrence? I see the competition ends 31 August.

    2. The theme for 2013 will be "The Postman Van" and the recommended date of issue is on or before 9 May 2013.

  2. Such a shame that Royal Mail have done the absolute minimum as regards the EUROPA theme this year. There was plenty of scope for a set of stamps on postal vehicles - which could have included old mail coaches, modern vans / lorries, trains, and the humble postie on his bike. Something for everyone. Instead, a van that you can't actually tell is Royal Mail's. How telling of their own outlook on the world ...

    1. I said at one of the dealer briefings that if they couldn't do anything sensible they shouldn't bother with anything at all. This is actually better than some of the Europa issues in the past.

      The theme this year IS 'The Van of the Postman' - but they could have had at least 2 or maybe all 4 on the MS.

      2011 was 'Forests' and the UK stamp was in the WWF miniature sheet - rather than being one of the UK's forests.
      2009 was 'Astronomy, which is how Sir Martin Ryle slipped into the Eminent Britons issue for the 50th anniversary of his project, but as only 1 of 10 stamps.

      They don't care enough to make it obvious to anybody.

      In 2014, the theme will be "National music instruments"
      In 2015, the theme will be "Ecology in Europe - Think Green" (again, I think)
      In 2016, the theme will be "Old Toys" (again)

    2. Last year was Visit.... only one of the M to Z had Europa on it....

      Children's Books - only the 1st class Winnie the Pooh (including the one on the miniature sheet) were marked..

      So, musical instruments - harp, bagpipes.... what else?

      I missed the 2008 writing letters one (would love to use that on my penpal letters!) - just checked ... did see it, the assistance dog.... I imagined something like the one in the cartoon booklet - "I am writing to you because you do not listen to a word I say" or "sincerely" perhaps with a fountain pen nib.... Disappointing.

    3. Of course next year is the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow - so if one of the stamps features bagpipe players they might add the PostEurope theme to that.

    4. That's a very good call, Rob. We haven't seen next year's programme yet, but I'd be surprised if the Games aren't included.

  3. Oh wow, nice set, I do agree with the miniature though, it could have had 4 stamps dedicated to the Royal Mail talk about missing the point completely


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