Wednesday 3 April 2013

End of Packets and Standard Parcel Post service means more Horizon Labels to collect

Yesterday's change to postal tariffs meant little to ordinary users of the letter post, but those who send small and larger packets now find that the Packet and Parcel Post services have changed with some very high increases for bulky lightweight packets.  This is because transportation costs vary by volume more than by weight.  1 kg packet that was £3.50 last week is £5.20 this week if over the size limits for a small parcel.  (More on Royal Mail's website.)

Letters are now confined to ordinary and Large Letters (1L, 1LL, 2LL) and the 1PK. 2PK, and SP codes have been replaced by 1SP, 2SP, 1MP, and 2MP codes for small and medium parcels.  As the size-based-prices system also applies to British Forces mail corresponding indicators of BSP and BMP were also introduced.

Here are examples of some of the new indicators, including examples on white labels so that they can be seen more easily.  As usual the changes exist in both English and bi-lingual versions.  More on this website, where they are also for sale.

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  1. I think the new rates for Medium parcels are extortionate, the 8cm depth maximum being far too small. Once you start putting packing around small items, to safeguard against Royal Mail damaging them, then they're pushed up into the medium category, costing twice as much. I could actually send out a medium packet 10 times the volume of my usual packets for the same price. That's ridiculous. If volume is the criteria, then the limits should be based on volume measure, and not linear. Is Royal Mail taking this increase as an opportunity to extract as much money as possible from customers, to make the business look more attractive to potential buyers?


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