Thursday 24 May 2012

Charles Dickens Limited Edition first day cover - many signatories.

We don't do our own FDCs any more, and we're not handling this one but I promised to give some publicity to this one.  (I'm repeating some of the text from the image in the blogpost so that search engines will find it.)

All Saints Church Walsoken and the Fenland and Wisbech Museum is producing a first day cover in a limited edition of 280 for the Charles Dickens Bicentenary set on 19 June.

The organisers have gone to a great deal of effort with this cover and have the following actors actresses and others organised to sign the covers: Gillian Anderson, Douglas Booth, Simon Callow, Dame Judi Dench, Gerald Dickens, Stephen Fry, Sir George Martin, Ron Moody, Sir Derek Jacobi.  Patrick Stewart covers are sold out!

Please use the order form or contact the address shown on the form above - click on the image to see it larger.   Good luck to Trevor on this fundraising effort.
Sorry if this didn't show earlier!

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