Thursday 31 May 2012

Another update - Machins round-up

This is another summary of snippets that I have been sent over the last couple of months. Some of these might have warranted a full blog entry had time been available, but it wasn't, hence the round-up now.

Printing dates.
I don't follow these as avidly as some, but will report them as reported to me:

2nd M12L counter sheet - 13/02/12 [CH]
2p counter sheet - 24/01/12 [CH]

1st Gold booklet M12L MTIL
'packs have been found dated 15/12/11, 20/12/11 and 22/12/11 - sounds like a lot of stamps!' [IR]

Also found an upward shift of the iridescent layer and short phosphor bands at the foot on the same stamps - thanks to MD for the pictures:

Missing letters
The missing 'A' on the NAFAS Flowers booklet 1st class gold is well known and seems only to have occurred on that booklet,  but LS has sent a picture of the 2nd class Large with a missing 'M' behind the Queen's head:

This is from a 2nd class Business Sheet with no year code - 2009.  And when I checked my stock I found that they were all like that!  SO not a variety, but an interesting variation, because there seems to be space there for the whole letter 'M' - and even if there was not, the rest of the stamp shows part letters.

Are there any more little differences waiting to be discovered?  Let us know if you find any.

UPDATE: Robert reports that the same omission occurs on the 1st class Business Sheet.


  1. The 1st-class Large business sheets from 2009 also lack the M in the same position.


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