Friday 11 November 2011

Diamond Blue 1st class Machin for Jubilee, and coin/banknote link

We can now show the stamps which will be issued next year to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  The definitive will be 'diamond blue' and the preliminary images show the words 'DIAMOND JUBILEE' continuously in the style of the current security print, but on the background only.

If we have correctly understood the information provided the following will be issued on 6 February 2012:
Counter sheet, Business sheet x 100, 12 x 1st booklet. The booklet will be on sale throughout the year replacing the 1st gold definitive.  (Whether this applies also to the counter and business sheets isn't clear.)

In March the following will be issued:
4 x 1st Large letter, 1st Large counter sheet, 1st large x 50 business sheet.
There is no indication of any variation in the inscription to indicate the source of the stamps.  The stamps will have full security features.

Also on 6 February there is a Jubilee miniature sheet with 6 x 1st class stamps with designs taken from banknotes, coins and similar to the Wilding stamp:

The designs are:

• Wilding Definitve.
• £1 note portrait by Robert Austin first issued in 1960.
• £5 note portrait by Harry Eccleston first issued 1971.
• Pre-decimal coinage head by Mary Gillick.
• Arnold Machin’s decimal currency head first introduced in 1968.
• New Jubilee Machin Definitive Stamp.

I'm reminded, of course, that the bronze penny 1st class stamp is another Machin stamp, though not as we know it.  Thanks to MachinMania. By the way, the Gillick head on the old 6d coin is surely the source of the profile head used on GB commemoratives since the 1960s - and on the regional pictorial definitives, giving rise to the 'ribbon' variations on some stamps.


  1. Its a beautiful stamp but why is the 1st shown with an I not 1 like all they others on the mini-sheet?

  2. The figure of value on the Machin stamp matches that on other Machin stamps. The figures of balue on the others are more in line with the typefaces used when those stamps were issued - but it's an interesting point.

  3. Oh is still blue.....a 2nd and 1st Class confusion?......imagine people with poor eyesight struggling with these.....

  4. It's a very grey blue.

    Also, are the coin-based stamps unique in having HMQ's head facing in that direction?

  5. "Also, are the coin-based stamps unique in having HMQ's head facing in that direction? "

    As far as definitive-sized, yes, though the small silhouette profile has appeared both ways since it was first introduced, to fit in with stamp designs.

  6. I like these - will have to buy enough to use for normal postage - mind you the blue definatives are very nice too.

  7. shame that the current coinage portrait hasnt been used - a more 'mature' protrait in my view

  8. I'm fairly sure I have seen a Gillick coinage head/cameo reference somewhere. Perhaps in Douglas Muir's Timeless Icon Machin history?

  9. Here is a image of the Counter Sheet, i brought 25 myself today 9th feb 2012.
    ImageOF 25 1ST Class Diamond Blue.


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