Wednesday 2 November 2011

Post and Go version 2 brings 40g: update London & Luton

We've been advised (thanks Dan!) that "6 more London offices and Luton in Bedfordshire" have been upgraded to version 2 and have 40g labels available.  More details as we get them, and we'll be pleased to publish any more news reports.

November 7
We have been advised that Old Street and Eastcheap have joined the V2 group.


  1. one of them isn't trafalgar sq! as someone tried this weds 2/11 evening!

  2. Can anyone tell us which offices are using Version 2 please ?

  3. Luton and Broadway SW1 plus 6 other central london offices yet to be identified......probably among them are ones round the City (since there is a cluster there - Old St/Eastcheap/Ludgate Circus}.If any one knows or finds out....please share!

  4. confirmed - 2 of updated V2 offices are
    Old St and Eastcheap!


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