Thursday 19 May 2011

What will follow Birds 4 Faststamps from the Post and Go machines?

No great queues at Norwich this morning, probably because collectors from other parts of East Anglia were able to buy the new Birds at their own Post and Go Post Offices, and we had birds in both machines, unlike day one of Birds 1 when the powers that be decided to leave Machin heads in one machine "for business people who might not like/want the birds."

I've been wondering for a while what will follow September's Birds 4 (Sea Birds) in 2012.  It seems sensible to perhaps change the Machin head for HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (we will have a new 1st class definitive for that in February) - other countries run ordinary stamps in parallel with machine-vended stamps, so why not.

And on that subject, it would be missing a trick for Royal Mail/The Post Office not to take advantage of the Olympics to have games-themed Faststamps, especially if they have Post and Go machines in the Games Village and at games venues.  We know they failed to grab the opportunity to have a presence at the Centenary Scout Jubilee at Chelmsford in 2007, but surely they will be at the games?

And the A-Z of the UK subject sounds like a possible contender for Faststamps, though maybe single-design rolls at specific locations? Imagine, the Forth Bridge or Edinburgh Castle would have to be sold at Edinburgh, while Stonehenge could be sold at Salisbury, and the Giant's Causeway at appropriate local offices in Antrim, and Belfast.  But the idea might fall down if they choose Land's End.

As the artist for the Birds, Robert Gillmor, is local to us he once again gets a big spread in the Eastern Daily Press (best regional newspaper in the UK), where we also get some clues.  Don't be surprised if we have animals after the birds.  However the 2005 Farm Animals (also in woodcut  style) were not Mr Gillmor's creations.

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  1. No queues at South Shields either. Also no First Day Covers or Post & Go Birds 3 packs. Was there supposed to be because nobody at South Shields Post Office knew anything about them. Yes the stamps were in the machines but that was all. What was the point of issuing these stamps at extra Post Offices if they are not going to provide the philatelic facilities for collectors. Things are going downhill fast here in the nort east for philatelists (I tried to obtain 10 different lots of stamps & presentation packs from the Newcastle-Upon -Tyne philatelic counter in WH Smiths only to be told that they could provide me with 2 definitive stamps only). I have been collecting for 36 years (since the age of 5) and could not believe I could not get a First Day Cover on the day of issue of new stamps. What is going on? We have known about these stamps for months so why was this Post Office not provided with them. Is this the only branch or is there more. What can I do? It sounds like a case of can't organise a party in a brewery. Hope no one else has suffesred the same dissapointment as I have today. Dave.


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