Friday 13 May 2011

The back of the Horizon

I've seen the back of some Horizon labels, but I've never seen this numbering before, and nobody else has reported it to me.
------ Front------------------------Back-------

Harry, the owner, and I want to know if these are common - have you found any?


  1. I was shown another of these today; apparently this is version 3 of the gold Machin label, imperforate with serial numbers on the reverse.

    I can only think that the numbers are recorded by Swindon supplies depot so that POID have the opportunity to clamp down on postmaster who are supplying them mint, as many mint ones have appeared on eBay.

  2. I had a look at some labels in my local PO today and saw that the serial numbers are on every sheet and appear on the reverse side between the two labels. I noted down some of the numbers but have only listed the last three digits which are in the following order:- 512, 536, 560 & 584 so they go up in twenty-four's.

  3. Thank you Brian. On that basis it seems unlikely that they could use them for any form of accountability.

    This suggests that the labels are printed in nominal sheets of 24 pairs. The numbering 'barrels' (old term!) could be used to number sequentially in a stack, so each nominal sheet of 24 would have widely different numbers. Without this there seems to be little point as any number could have been sent to up to 24 different offices.


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