Monday 16 May 2011

Provisional Stamp Programme for 2012

Royal Mail has announced the programme of basic stamp issues for 2012 (edited to show dates):

10 January - Roald Dahl (author) - more children's books, or a tale of the unexpected ?

2 February - The House of Windsor (Kings and Queens 6) Set and MS

6 February - HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee definitive
23 February - Britons of Distinction

8 March - Classic Locomotives of Scotland MS

20 March - World of Comics (Dandy, Beano, Eagle, Bunty - or Max Miller ??)

10 April - A-Z of the UK, part 2 (14 stamps)

15 May - Design Classics, Fashion

31 May - HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

19 June - Charles Dickens

16 July - Olympic and Paralympic Games (Welcome)

27 September - Olympic and Paralympic Games (Memories) [Stampex]

16 October - World of Dinosaurs
30 October - Space Science

8 November - Christmas 2012

Titles are provisional, and of course there will be the usual run of Smilers Sheets, Faststamps, retail booklets, prestige stamp books, and definitive variations to keep everybody busy.


  1. I think Eagle deserves it's own set (Possibly with Girl, Swift & Robin) Just my feelings. last year was the 60th anniversary Of Eagle, and I produced a set of 4 Cinderella Miniature sheets for that significant event. I also produced one M/S in 2000 and 4 in 2006 (I think) for Dan Dare's 40th Birthday! Which I sell to raise money for the "Eagle Society", usualy on Ebay. There are up there now for one more week

  2. From which issue will the 2012 Europa stamps be part of ? Knowing that next year's theme is "Visit ... the UK" ? In the A-Z of the UK serie ?

  3. Phil, if Big Ben and Cambridge University and now for 2012 the Titanic can't get their own sets, what hope does the eagle have?

    Most issues are just repeats of themes and a great disappointment. Just like Robert Burns and Charles Darwin, we have yet another set for Charles Dickens. I can't understand how the House of Windsor set can have 6 stamps as there have only been 4 monarchs of that House. I presume they will be the usual, most unflattering pictures available that we have come to expect. And if The Queen's Diamond Jubilee stamps are just black and white photographs AGAIN I am going to scream! What happened to design? What happened to art?

    The Britons of Distinction set is the only light at the end of the tunnel, as long as it is treated the same, sympathetic way as a couple of years ago...

    J. Paul Murdock

  4. @Euroswiss

    We have no information yet about which stamps will mark the Europa theme.

    @JPM - Philcovers is referring to the comic, the Eagle (capital E). I was hoping the Faststamps would move on to Birds of Prey in which case the eagle (lower-case) would fit.

    Agree your comment on not having monochrome for the Diamond Jubilee. Not sure about the Titanic - it was launched 100 years ago last week which would seem relevant, but we don't usually commemorate disasters, so we?

  5. A further thought on JPM "most unflattering pictures" for royalty - only those pictures which are available could be used, and most paintings from the middle ages are 'unflattering'. The Queen Victoria pictures in the Hanover set & MS are much better. (And will be showing on our website soon!)

    I expect the Windsors to be mostly paintings with maybe some photos? Wait and see!

  6. Royal Mail Kings & Queens, quite right - only four Windsors. QV & KEVII Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

  7. Further to my comment 22 november 19:28, King GeorgeV was also Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until outbreak of world war I when name was changed to Windsor. So what appears to be a 5 stamps set could possibly have been a 8 stamps set.
    Like the idea of the Diamond Jubilee Definitives, but Royal Mail's imagination appears to be limited. The Pound & Five Pounds look appealing - but why not finish with £10, £20 & £50 notes, some beautiful portaits of HM. Royal Mail could have got maybe ten different portraits into a mini sheet.


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