Thursday 24 March 2011

Nostalgia, not news - looking back to 1998.

Thirteen years ago today this set of 5 Lighthouse stamps was issued.  



It was the first set of stamps shown on our website, the first that people in other countries asked me to send to them.  There was a terrific selection of special illustrated postmarks available - about 25 in total.  When only 5 or 6 were shown on the site, one collector in Canada wanted all of them on full-set FDCs. As the number of postmarks rose, so his wallet guided his order, and he decided that having one FDC and all the other postmarks on plain envelopes and single stamps would be much better!

UPDATE - the page has now been reconstructed here.

So greetings and thanks to Michel F in Canada and Dalene T in the USA, and those who followed during the Millennium time of 1999/2000, who got the Norvic business started.

It's been fun!

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