Tuesday 8 March 2011

Machin 2011 booklets, new discoveries

Ahead of the scheduled release of the Large Letter retail booklets, we have news from One Stop Stamp Shop of the 2nd class book of 12 and the 1st class book of 6.

Thanks to Rob for the image of the 2nd class MTIL which he has, the 1st class (MSIL) he has only seen on eBay (I couldn't find it when searching today).


The 1st class booklet of 6 image has been found.  This is wrongly listed on eBay as having been issued 19 August 2010.  True it has no printer's imprint and the small 'p' in the advert, but it is a sub-version of the one issued that date which was definitely MA10.  These were probably printed and packed in November, like the counter sheets.  (New image from Richard Parsons - thanks again!)


Please let us know if you find any new versions on your mail or in your post offices or other outlets.  It seems that this year the distribution is much earlier than last year, and - if distribution is on a first-in-first-out basis - old stocks should be out there already.  Leave a comment!

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