Thursday 16 December 2010

Security Machins with no overprint - source unknown.

Recently found in kiloware are some strange 1st class stamps with security slits but no overprint.  This might be classed as a missing colour, certainly it would seem to indicate that one cylinder was either absent or uninked.  We know from previous experiments that it is impossible to remove one ink layer without removing them all.

These have not been found unused, the one shown above (thanks again, Richard), is from kiloware where so many uncancelled stamps are found.  (Some cancelled examples were also found!)  Richard suggests from the perforations and security slits that this is from a Walsall booklet - but whether a booklet of 12, or 6, or a mixed booklet, and whether one with or without the printer's imprint is impossible to tell until somebody finds one in situ in a post office or other retail outlet.

So if you do find one like this in original mint condition, please let us know, because we are keen to not only see it and report it, but we have a number of contacts who would like to own one of these.

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