Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all our followers and readers

This time last year I was wary of blogging!  Now I'm glad I took the advice and started this way of distributing news.   With 49 registered followers and many more readers I think we can say it has been a success.

That success has been in no small part to the people who have continued to supply us with information and images, and in particular I'd like to thank Alec Withell for supplying news and early images of the MA10 security Machins, and Richard Parsons for scanning others that I could not!  Thanks also to Larry and Roy on Machin Mania the cross-exchange of information is vital, and everybody who has contributed by leaving comments on these posts.

The picture shows Dereham Market Place in 1906.  The buildings have changed - one of those shown was the Post Office - but just lately the weather has been very similar, as it has been for many of us in the UK.

We wish all our readers the very best Christmas, and a peaceful, happy, and an interesting but not too challenging M11L Year.  Looking for a Christmas image, I settled on what I think was the best of our own first day covers:

Ian, Val & John Billings

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  1. And a cool Yule to you too! May I say that the Norvic blog is often the first place one finds news and pictures of Royal Mail's unbridled imagination! Keep up the good work in 2011.


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