Monday 22 November 2010

Update on Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds issue.

More about the Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds issue, especially the lenticular MS on the Creative Review Blog.

As our anonymous commenter has written, that CR blog entry has now disappeared.  I've tweeted them to ask where it is!

The Creative Review blog entry is now back online, but changed.  The picture of the miniature sheet with moving images has been replaced.


  1. Lots more information at

    To me, this is the most interesting:
    "Perforation of the acrylic stamps then took place at Cartor in Paris alongside numerous UK cancellation tests in order to perfect the quick-drying franking machine ink chemistry required."

    Does this mean that Royal Mail will change the canceling ink at all of its processing centers just for this stamp issue?


  2. Sorry, I should have included the full link to that post:


  3. ....which must have upset somone at RM (again) because it's gone.


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