Thursday 25 November 2010

February 2011 - Classic Locomotives and Stage Musicals

Details of the February 2011 stamp issues have now been announced.

On 1 February the first in a series of miniature sheets showing Classic Railway Locomotives will be issued, this one for locos which operated in England.

Details of the locos, etc, on our website.

Later in the month we have the postponed-from-autumn-2010 'London Stage Musicals', which is now only 8 stamps, not 6 plus a miniature sheet which was suggested last year.  One can only guess at the reason for the postponement and change, but I note that no Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals are included.  Full details and images on our website, including the multitude of copyright holders who will have to be approached by any FDC producers and postmark designers wanting to have their designs relevant to the stamp images.

What do you think of these stamp designs, and is it right to include commercial activities like these and Harry Potter on our stamps?  Let us know - leave a comment.


  1. I will just note that the USPS is going down the same path. Having worked through Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons, they have now announced a series based on Pixar (which is now part of Disney) starting next year.


  2. Assuming that Her Madge still has to give the Royal nod to all these issues and hasn't delegated the task, one has to wonder what she makes of the likes of Wallace and Gromit and Thunderbirds.

    "It's the only philatelic cash cow Royal Mail have left to exploit now Ma'am"
    "I see, very well then, but we are not amused..."

    Mind you, I'm a huge Dr Who fan so I hope that the 50th Anniv. will be suitably honoured in 2013.

  3. I think you know what I think of this rubbish that Royal Mail is churning out.

    What next? Popeye and Olive, Bill and Ben?

    I was looking forward to the future with a set dedicated GB 2018 World Cup Hosts. Still we have the Olympics and The rugby.

    Saying this I will will settle for a set "Once A Great Stamp Design Nation".


  4. Well, not Pop-eye because he's American. But if you go back to 1998 we had Sooty, Muffin the Mule, etc, so it is not just recent years.


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