Thursday 9 September 2010

Non-perforated Golden Horizons going national?

My postmaster told me this afternoon that instructions had been issued for the withdrawal - at least temporarily - of the 'perforated' Machin Horizon labels in favour of those trialled at Old Street (and more recently at Chesterfield). 

I've no official word on this yet, and it may be that Post Office Ltd are seeking a solution to the counters printer problem that resulted in the new type of label.  But it may be that some offices will never use the perforated ones, and that some service indicators on these will be - to say the least - unusual.

Please let me know if your office starts using the unperforated labels, and if you have any examples of any of the labels to spare we will be interested.  (We know you can't collect everything, even the stuff you get for free!)

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