Thursday 9 September 2010

Changes to Faststamps font ahead of birds issue

The PostagelabelsUK blog reports today that Post & Go machines are being modified in preparation for the issue on 17 September of the Bird Pictorial Faststamps. 

On the examples shown, the font is quite different, the uppercase on Up to 100g has changed to lower case up, and the g in both Large and g(rammes) has changed to the traditional style shown in our normal type-face (g) from the Arial style g.  Whether or not you can see this here may depend on your browser settings - click on this link to see examples.

As promised, we are now able to show you the first images of the labels with the new font:

The mint stamp - Ludgate Circus kiosk - machine 4 (branch code 242007)

First day of use on normal envelope (Ludgate kiosk 4, with Mount Pleasant machine postmark.)

First Day Cover with Old Street label (branch code 028003)
We don't have any of these for sale, but hope to have some from the Norwich machine before the rolls of Birds stamps are installed.


  1. Re: Your illustration of the new type face on the Faststamp shown as being issued at Ludgate Circus (with branch code 242007). When I recently visited Ludgate Circus my stamps had branch code 024003. If you look at the lists of branches there appears confusion as to which is called 'Ludgate Circus' as the one in Tudoor Street was, as far as I believe always known as Ludgate Circus (and referred to in that way in various earlier articles)
    Doug (Enfield)

  2. Doug,
    Ludgate Circus PO had a branch code 024003. The latest label from the Tudor Street kiosk has dispensed a label coded 242007 and this Branch number is on the receipt.

    This suggests that the machines moved from the PO to the kiosk have retained their original numbers, whilst the added machines have the new code. Odd to say the least as the numbers can be changed (witness the 2010 code used at the Festival of Stamps.)

    I will mention this to Brian on the postagelabelsUK blog as he knows much more about this than I do.

  3. As far as I know the four kiosks in the Tudor St unmanned 'branch' all have the code 242007.

    Only the kiosk in Ludgate Branch Office should have had a code of 024003 which closed over a year ago.

    - if you have a different code - can you post the session number and kiosk number?

    The confusion may arise as both installations are refered to 'Ludgate Circus'

    Brian S

  4. Doug wrote,
    "When I recently visited Ludgate Circus my stamps had branch code 024003" - how recently? Do you mean the Tudor Street Kiosk after Ludgate Circus PO closed? If so, please post details here and if you want me to put the picture here, send it to me at ian{at}



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