Friday 17 September 2010

Birds have arrived in Norwich!

As publicised in our local newspaper, the Eastern Daily Press, the pictorial bird Faststamps were duly nesting in the Post & Go machine at Norwich's central post office in Castle Mall this morning.

There were no queues mid-morning and I was able to buy most of what I wanted, only giving way a few times to casual customers who wanted just one set.

The machines were originally made to dispense a maximum of 5 labels in a strip, as shown below, which is an actual strip.  As there are 5 different values many people collected the Machin head in strips of 5, but of course this format leaves us one bird short!  You will note that the new font setting results in the 5th stamp on the strip having the branch and session number line dropping into the perforations.

The receipt is shown slightly reduced; it is in fact the same width as the labels. 

Only one of the two machines in Norwich has the new stamps.  I was told this was to give customers a choice as business customers may not want the bird pictorials.    Given the convenience of these machines, I would think they would be pleased just not to join the queueing system for the counter - although it works much better than the old system did!

First Day covers and sets of Birds 1 Faststamps are now available for purchase from our online shop. This link will also show other bird products.

Incidentally, we have a selection of bird books, and many others, in our new bookshop:

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