Friday 26 February 2010

Update on Security Stamp oddities.

Sources within Royal Mail have confirmed that the 1st class gold security-cut stamps with no security overlay are a genuine product. Exact details are awaited but we understand that the combination occurred when there was a need for 1st class coils* business sheets ahead of the release of the security stamps in February 2009 and the printers used the security die-cut template on stamps with no ROYAL MAIL security print layer. (* Corrected - sorry!)

On the other hand the stamps with 4 security slits have been denounced as a total forgery. The first to be seen were De La Rue, but then Walsall stamps appeared. All these were used. However the real confirmation came when 40gr Airmail stamps appeared with 4 security slits (we haven't seen them!) as these have never been issued with any security features!

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