Friday 26 February 2010

Post Office Philatelic Sales in London

Occasionally we receive emails from overseas collectors who are visiting London, and who would like to buy their collectable stamps and other philatelic products from the Post Office at face value.

The old 'Philatelic Counters' are long gone, of course, being replaced by Post Shops - which sold a lot more non-Post Office products (greetings cards, souvenirs) than just stamps. There are two POs remaining in central London which cater for collectors.

Trafalgar Square PO has recently been reorganised following the installation of Post and Go machines and a 'take-a-ticket' queueing system. The system allows for speedy processing of customers for different products (special delivery especially is a fast-tracked system). But there is nothing on the menu for philatelic products, and their dedicated Post Shop counter (previously at the east entrance) has gone.

So this is the system.
- The philatelic products are on counter position C.
- There is no need to take a ticket.
- If the person at 'C' is serving, wait near the counter until the customer has gone, and then approach the counter for your philatelic products.

Trafalgar Square PO is at 24/28 William IV Street, London, WC2N 4DL - it is open 0830-1830 Monday - Friday (Tuesday opening 0915), and 0900-1730 on Saturday.

The other office is The City of London PO at 12 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1AJ

This office is open Monday - Friday, 0900-1800. Not open on Saturday.
They aim to carry most stamps of the last 12 months in stock, and if they are not in stock will try to get them and then to telephone the customer. So if you are visiting and are in London for a week or so, then they should be able to get anything on the stock list.

According to Royal Mail's list the only other Greater London PO with philatelic services is at Croydon.


  1. ~Royal Mail is a world wide laughing stock among collectors. They have made it impossible to buy special stamps.

    1. Well, thank you for that uninformed comment totalastronomy. Why would they make it impossible to buy their product? That would be like Macdonalds introducing a bumper new burger but not sending it to any of their outlets.

      Every PO is supplied with every new stamp issue. But you have to be quick as they sell out and are replaced by the next one. If you can't get to a PO when they are open, try or their eBay shop -

  2. The City of London PO at 12 Eastcheap is open at 9;30 on Tuesdays. The two assistants are extremely helpful - especially Peade. He goes out of his way to help and is very knowledgeable. He'll order and reserve stock for you - so I can rest assured that I'll get all of my Doctor Who stamps on Tuesday. The Post Office could do with more people like him.

    John Bulger.

  3. I was appalled this week to confirm that the City of London Post Office in Eastcheap has got rid of its greatest asset, namely Peade whose philatelic knowledge was only surpassed by his excellent service and helpfulness. It was not his choice to leave and it is beyond belief that the Post Office have acted like this. They say that they are unable to comment on individual employees so let me tell them that they will rue this day. Peade built up the Philatelic Counter from an also ran to the best in Britain and I shall miss him tremendously.

    John Bulger


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