Friday 26 February 2010

Great Britain 2011 Programme (updated)

Royal Mail have provided their outline programme for 2011 as follows:

11 January - Classic Children's Television: Gerry Anderson set, MS + retail booklet

24 January - Pictorial Faststamps - Birds 2

1 February - Classic Railway Locomotives miniature sheet

24 February - West End Stage Musicals - set & MS expected (postponed from autumn 2010)
24 February - Retail Booklet: Medical Breakthroughs Beta-Blockers, British Heart Foundation

8 March - Magical Heroes of Fiction
8 March - Low value self-adhesive definitives: 1,2,5,10,20p

22 March - World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund)
22 March - New retail booklets, 1st Large, 2nd Large

29 March - new Machins and Country Stamps on tariff change

12 April - Royal Shakespeare Company 50th Anniversary set & MS

21 April - Royal Wedding MS

5 May - William Morris & Co 150th Anniversary, incl PSB

19 May - Pictorial Faststamps - Birds 3

14 June - Rev Wm Awdry Birth Centenary (Thomas the Tank Engine author), set MS & booklet
14 June - Prince Philip 90th Birthday Commemorative Sheet

27 July - Olympics/Paralympics III, booklet 5, commemorative sheet and composite sheet

28 July - Philanippon, Japan, Exhibition Generic Smilers Sheet.

23 August - Crown Jewels
23 August - Classic Locomotives of England retail booklet

9 September - World's First Scheduled Airmail, Windsor

14 September - Arnold Machin Birth Centenary miniature sheet

15 September - Kings + Queens, House of Hannover (Stampex issue)
15 September - Olympics/Paralympics retail booklet 6
15 September - 350th Anniv of the Postmark - Generic Smilers Sheet

16 September - Pictorial Faststamps - Birds4

13 October - A-Z of the United Kingdom (A-L 12 stamps)

25 October - retail booklets with FSC Logo - 6 x 1st, 12 x 1st, 12 x 2nd, 4 x 1st Large, 4 x 2nd Large

8 November - Christmas (religious) [400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible]

This programme list will be added to and amended from time to time: there will be Smilers sheets, retail booklets and commemorative sheets.  Let us know your views, now and as the extended programme unfolds, using the Comment facility.


  1. I am very very sad: nothing for the 75 years of the beginning of King George VI's reign (I forget KE8 on purpose).

    Ian, what are the rules for stamp commemoration in the UK? Machin stamp 40th, Three King Year 70th...

  2. A-Z of the United Kingdom? I feel a long series coming on!

  3. Sébastien - there don't seem to be any rules that are followed consistently. The Year of the Three Kings was very strange but we have the 100th of the Accession of KGV this year.

    I think 3 Kings was Royal Mail's effort to have a philatelic/stamp-related issue that year, as they plan to do every year. Next year we have the Centenary of the Aerial Post.

    Anonymous - can't say what we were told, because it isn't finalised. Many suggestions that it should be 5 x 5, or 8, 8, 10. Any suggestion that it would be more than 10 in an issue was greeted with dismay and derision by FDC producers, who struggle with 10 large stamps on a cover.

  4. Thanks for the answer.

    My KG6mania will have to wait then or find derivatives stamps, covers or books at the London Festival next May.

  5. Does anyone know when details of this years Christmas Stamps are released? I am keen to learn what theme they will take this year as I understand they are secular.

  6. Details of the Christmas issue are never announced until August - no sooner than 13 weeks before the date of issue, sometimes later.

    Shouldn't have too long to wait now and it will be secular. Next year's may also mark the 400th ann of the King James Bible.

  7. Thanks for the reply Ian. I guess I will just have to wait! Not too keen on the possibility of the king James bible theme for next years Xmas edition. I think they may be comparable to the hideous Ely Cathedral Christmas stamps of 1989.

  8. We have now been provided with details of the 2010 Christmas stamps, which we cannot reveal until 21 September. So put that in your diary and come back to the blog then for sure!

  9. I can't remember, at least in recent years, having to wait so long to see a years Christmas Stamps! I only hope that we wont be disappointed with the final product! The Royal Mail obviously feel they are worth the wait!

  10. I can assure you it will be popular. Whether or not you will like it personally I can't say, of course.

  11. It's even sadder that there will be no stamp issue to commemorate the 90th birthday of Prince Philip. There were 4 stamps for the queen mother, but not the current consort.

  12. When we'll see decent stamps on this country?...seems unlikely... (while QEII in trone)

  13. Last anonymous - please try to be coherent, otherwise we won't publish your posts.

    This comment makes little sense, besides which, nobody is asking you to like the stamps.

  14. Ian - Thanks for this. I'm just printing my 2011 diary and thought I could get stamp issues from Royal Mail - how come you had this info in Feb'10 but I can't find it on RM in Jan'11?

  15. Programme updated again, with all the Stampex issues and the 5 new booklets being issued on 25 October. I don't see why there should be new codes for these, and this rather puts the lie to the suggestion that the Arnnold Machin sheet will be the last 1st class gold.

  16. Ian, we are all entitled to our opinion. Dont sensor comments because they don't coincide with yours. We can make our own minds up thankyou on what to ignore. Regards Steve

  17. Steve, as you can see I have published your comment even though I have no idea to what you are referring!

    If you would like to explain, maybe in an email rather than here, I'll be pleased to explain if I have misunderstood anything.

    That said, we have no way of censoring comments on blogs: either they get published or they don't. If you are referring way back to the comment made on this post on 24.11.10, then I think we are entitled to coherent comment. We are also entitled to allow or disallow any comment.


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