Monday 10 August 2009

Nearly Christmas!

Due to other commitments I've been unable to provide details here or on the website about the 2009 Christmas stamps, which feature stained glass windows.

Seven stamps this year -

2nd & 2nd Large - Angel
1st & 1st Large - Madonna and Child
56p - Joseph
90p - Wise Man
£1.35 - Shepherd
... as well as a miniature sheet and Smilers sheet, the last of which you can see here .

I must admit this is one of the better designed Smilers in recent years. OK some labels show only arms rather than heads, but better than the Pantomime of last year, I think.

As in previous years, the Madonna and Child stamps will be reissued though I'm not sure why, as both 1st class stamps feature the Madonna and Child and the rest are quite obviously religious?

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