Tuesday 25 August 2009

London 2012 Olympics - 2009 stamp issue.

I've published the Royal Mail press release in the previous message here, which describes the plan for the next three years.

The pictures of the 2009 stamps are now available to view:

Other products include the usual fdc, presentation pack, and a premium-priced commemorative sheet:

To clarify the way these are being issued (I wrote set of 10 in two sheets of 25) 5 stamps will be in one sheet of 5x5, and the other 5 will be in a separate sheet of 5x5. This will enable the purchase of vertical strips all in the same design (if your PO will do this for you!). This is the same format as the Eminent Britons issue and it may well be the format for all future "blocks of 10" first class stamps.

And better quality -



  1. A real mix, and I think a few are great (Basketball, Equestrian) but there are some simply awful ones (Aquatics, Judo, Weightlifting). I'm glad this issue has happened - will the next two years have a similar mix?

  2. Yes, please see the Royal Mail press release on the earlier message (I'll put a link in this post). There will be 30 stamps over 3 years, all by different artists.


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