Friday 14 August 2009

Machin variations - latest Prestige Stamp Books

As must be expected the Machin definitives in Prestige Stamp Books are usually distinguishable from those issued in sheets, if only because of the different printing process. But colour shades, depth of shading on the portrait, and even positions of the face value also vary.

Here I'm comparing the 17p, 22p, 62p & 90p definitives issued in sheets on 31 March 2009, printed in gravure by De La Rue, with the latest booklets. All these images are scanned in the same session, so are directly comparable.

I have been advised by an eagle-eyed viewer that the Treasures book was in fact printed by Cartor, according to the imprint, and not by the parent company Walsall SP. I don't have time to change the captions, but it does mean that the two 17p stamps were printed by the same company - and they are different!

From left to right - De La Rue gravure sheet printing, Treasures of the Archive PSB (litho, Cartor), Royal Navy Uniforms PSB (litho, also Cartor):

22p - De La Rue Sheet printing and Treasures of the Archive PSB (Cartor litho)

62p - De La Rue Sheet printing and Treasures of the Archive PSB (Cartor litho)

90p De La Rue gravure sheet printing, Royal Navy Uniforms PSB (litho, Cartor):

1p - Royal Navy Uniforms PSB (litho, Cartor) version compared with 2006 sheet printing:


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  1. Edited to show that the ToA PSB was printed by Cartor and not Walsall


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