Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Gibbons reworking U-Machins for next Concise catalogue.

Tucked away in the Catalogue Supplement in the April edition of Gibbons Stamp Monthly is news to bring a groan from all who collect or deal in modern definitives.

"Game of Thrones premium booklet.
The Machin pane and booklet will be listed in a later
Catalogue Supplement, because the machin (sic) set
is to be re-numbered for Great Britain Concise 2018
The next edition of the catalogue is expected in April/May.


  1. Thnx for that Ian, that will mean a huge supplement for the Windsor & other albums next year. A lot of stamps to renumber .

    1. I think it's at least possible that the 2017 Windsor supplement will have the renumbering. The SG website reports that it will be 56 pages. Also I seem to recall that when the Y series were renumbered, the Windsor supplement had the changes ahead of the Concise. I may of course be misremembering in my old age...

  2. The problem with Stanley Gibbons numbering system is that it rarely gives space to number additional new Machins/Country stamps. They always seem happy just to add a,b,c,d,e,f,g, to a number until it comes down to renumbering all over again. Stoneham Catalogue doesn't have that problem.

    1. Neither does our system which, at least for stamps with a face value, just could not be easier. Why Gibbons didn't adopt our system in 2011 (maybe they will now) I don't know.

      Self-adhesive stamps: 3xxx where xxx is the face value in pence.
      Gummed stamps: 4xxx ditto.

      As usual the figure after the decimal indicates the year. The only time this was a problem was when they changed the colour of a stamp, as with the £1 ruby (3100) change to brown (3101) and 50p grey (3050) change to slate (3051).

      Although I find the PSB panes useful in Stoneham I have found several shortcomings in it.

  3. There's also a reference to the renumbering in John Deering's Machin Watch article.

  4. rogerthecollector19 March 2018 at 13:37

    Ok if that's what they think is needed, fine. What I would really like are new editions of the SG Specialised Catalogues but I doubt if we shall ever see them. Who would they employ to collate the massive amount of data necessary?