Tuesday, 23 May 2017

July Special Issues - Landmark Buildings and World War I (1917) Designs

At the risk of being repetitively boring I must remind you that I am unable to provide much detail about these two stamp issues, but that has not stopped others who are not bound by the same contractual obligations with Royal Mail as I am.

My friend WhiteKnight's Commonwealth Stamps Opinion reports today on these two sets and shows all the designs.  You can see them here.  The World War I (issued on 31 July) set is in the usual format of 3 x 1st class and 3 x airmail (£1.57).  The Landmark Buildings set (issued on 13 July) is all 1st class and shows 10 very different modern buildings from around the United Kingdom, including two in Scotland, one each for Northern Ireland  and Wales, with the rest from England.

Here are a couple of tasters:

More detail on our website when Royal Mail have published details through their own media.


  1. Giant's Causeway yet again for Northern Ireland. This modern building lacks any architectural appeal whatsoever. It is just a box in the hillside. Many fine buildings in Belfast or elsewhere could have been chosen.

    1. I suspect that many people will have misgivings about the whole set, given the modern nature of the architecture. I believe I read footfall has something to do with the selection - though I may be imagining that!