Monday 10 June 2024

June Slogan Postmarks and other interesting postal markings.

May was quiet with only one new slogan, but we have already had the first for June - will there be any more, though?  

Remember when new stamps were announced with a slogan, and sometimes specific to a particular stamp or location.  Those were the days, and with computer-generated ink-jet, there is no manufacturing costs of slogan dies as there were in the old days.  So the paucity of slogans mus be down to a change in policy and a lack of people available to generate them.

Christmas stamp design winner
East Kilbride New Town

If this month follows the practice of previous years we could see, Father's Day, Pride Month, Loneliness Awareness Week, Armed Forces Day (and possibly Reserve Forces recognition), and Dog Awareness although that might be in July.

However, the first slogan of the month marks the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in World War 2.

JE was the first to send a picture (from Preston Mail Centre) but it is unnecessarily on a postage paid envelope (C9 license, King Charles stamp), so I'm using this one supplied by RS from Bristol Mail Centre - it's better than the one I received this morning from SE Anglia (Chelmsford).

6 June 2024

D-DAY80 slogan from Bristol (BA,BS,GL,TA) Mail Centre 01/06/2024

Update: JE has now been able to add the iLSM version of the D-Day slogan, from Edinburgh Mail Centre.  Apparently dated 31 May this was allegedly posted on 4 June!

D-DAY80 slogan from Edinburgh Mail Centre 31/05/2024

We understand that the default Heart Foundation slogan resumed on 6 June.




The first postmark of interest this month is a Norwich packet stamp, image provided by JH.  He wondered whether it would pass the threshold for the blog?  Well it is worth showing just because so few people see this sort of handstamp now, with larger items having postage paid by label or with any stamps used either uncancelled or scored out with biro or marker pen.  

The unfortunate thing is that they don't tend to work well with the glossy surface of Post and Go stamps!

Norwich packet stamp with postcode NR1 1AA, used 31 May 2024.

This cover from NB also belongs on the Postal History blog.   The mark is not uncommon, but I suspect we will see many more uses of it as Revenue Protection are asked to double-check and now that the surcharging of mail with allegedly counterfeit stamps has been halted.

Revenue Protection mark on letter, May 2024.

This is an interesting case: the handstamp is often used on contract mail, or bulk mail which is all underpaid - the wording "correct postage raised" would mean that the sender (Philangles) had been contacted, told what the collective underpayments were and 'invited' to pay the difference - or their RM business account would be debited.


The postage paid is 85p, ie fully paid for 2nd class up to 100g.   It is a c5 envelope and could be heavy but I would think the company sought to keep the sending under 100g.   

 After checking it is marked 'treat as 1st class'.  Would this be because it has been delayed by the checking process, or because there was a shortfall and it has been recovered in bulk? 

If you have any other slogans used this month, or any other interesting postal markings from any period or place, please send them to the email address in the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

Remember, all postmarks appearing in June will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing. 


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  1. The unclear date on the Edinburgh D-Day mark - suggested as 31 05 2024 - could just as easily be 04 06 2024. Compare the '4' of 2024 (such as it is) with the second digit to see that that could also be a 4.


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