Thursday 27 June 2024

Christmas 2021 forgery may be from a different producer to most

I was shown a new forgery this week which does not have all the hallmarks of the usual Chinese forgery productions.

It was far glossier than most, and the perforations were not up to the usual high (matching) standard.  It's the 2021 1st class Large Christmas stamp.  Now forgeries of the Machins were already better than this, so it's not a case of all the older forgeries not being of high standard.

This isn't a great photo but it was the best I could manage in a church hall!

Forged 1st class large Christmas 2021 stamp

Has anybody seen any others like this?

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  1. There are £1000s of stamps currently on ebay of designs not typically counterfeited - search for 'Can Be Used For Postage stamps'. A mix of exact values, 1st and 2nd class sheets. It seems too good to be true as the discounts are 50%+. Either a very clever counterfeiter or a very generous and motivated seller.


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