Thursday 27 June 2024

Glasgow Prestwick Airport to be Royal Mail's intl e-commerce hub in UK

Reported in the STAT Trade Times Glasgow Prestwick Airport is to be Royal Mail’s newest international e-commerce hub in the United Kingdom (U.K.).

Prestwick was selected by Royal Mail due to the numerous benefits it offers over alternative airports throughout the U.K. including offering up to half of the cost of landing at some U.K. hubs, says a release from Prestwick. 

“We are confident that our new fast and efficient e-commerce solution will offer customers real cost savings against other U.K. air cargo hubs while also ensuring they meet their customer delivery-time promise,” says Nico Le Roux, Development Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport. 

Florrie Kuang (left), Senior Business Manager – China Office, Royal Mail Group, and Jules Matteoni (right), Operations Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport. (Photo: Glasgow Prestwick Airport)

"We are a full in-house operation, from ground handling and warehouse handling, to fire services, and air traffic control, which allows us to offer greater flexibility. Carriers only need to make one call to our operations line, and we take care of everything. This streamlined process is a significant advantage.” 

Jules Matteoni, Operations Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport adds: “This joint solution with Royal Mail allows us to provide full visibility with traceability from touchdown to customer delivery and the potential to save on lead times through simplified processes. This is great news for our cargo customers, the airport, and the region.” 

“We are excited to be working with Glasgow Prestwick Airport to offer a cost-effective and efficient international e-commerce solution," says Vivian Davies, Director, Global Imports, Royal Mail. "Prestwick has no flight restrictions, congestion or curfews on both inbound and outbound flights, offering round-the-clock availability, which is key for the fast turnaround needed in the e-commerce sector. By partnering with Prestwick, we are confident we can offer our existing and new international e-commerce customers an unbeatable service on both delivery time and cost.”

We won't see Royal Mail's Titan Aiways Boeing (pictured here at Exeter) at Prestwick as they stopped using it in 2013.


  1. What's an "international e-commerce hub"?
    I thought all international air mail was via Heathrow, much nearer where most people live.
    I understand that internal airmail ( with East Midlands now rather than Speke being the hub ) is declining and wonder how many, and which, airports are still used.

  2. Given the tens of millions Royal Mail lose from fraudulent activity in China they should be keeping any cooperation with China to an absolute minimum until organised crime is dealt with.

  3. I assume this is to handle the zillions of items ordered online that are being flown in from China on a daily basis. Heathrow is ideal for outgoing mail - close to the centre of the world as Mudgie suggests (grin) but incoming mail can be speedily sent to anywhere in the country, so it doesn't really matter where it lands.
    In fact, there is an arguable case for it to arrive in Prestwick, given that it's a 6-hour drive from there to Wick and only 8 hours to London. It puts Scotland on a level playing field with the rest of the UK - and as Royal Mail has said, it's cheaper and more flexible with less competition from other landings.

    1. Thanks Ian.
      The greater distances might be alleviated a bit with Prestwick Airport not being far from the Glasgow Rail Mail depot for trains to Warrington and the PRDC.


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