Tuesday 23 January 2024

Last chances to buy Machin Definitives, booklets, etc.

Yes, it's the final countdown.  Whilst I have not fixed a date by which I shall return all Machin stock to Royal Mail (and neither have they announced an end to the scheme), this is the last major chance for you to buy all Machin definitives.

New updated lists of original (X), elliptical (Y), and security Machins (U) are now available to download from Dropbox using the links below.  When this post has disappeared off the foot of the page, the links will still be available on a separate sales page shown in the column on the right.  Country definitives will be added shortly.

Update:  A customer asked about the Castle definitives, and so I have produced a short illustrated list of those.  You can download list 11 now.


List 1 Booklets for sale v13

List 2 Prestige Booklets v3 

List 3 Regional Machin definitives (coming soon)

List 4 Pictorial Country definitives (coming soon)

List 7 Machin X-list for sale v4 (updated 26 January)

List 8 Machin Y-list for sale v4 (updated 26 January)

List 9 Security Machins for sale

List 10 - Smilers Sheets and singles for sale

List 11 - Castle High Values 1988-1997.


NOT included are 1st and 2nd class pre-security stamps or the Queen Victoria double-heads, although some are included in the booklets list.  I do have some of these but they have not been sorted.  Wants lists are welcome.

Please email me your requirements from these lists, one list at a time, preferably in the same order as shown on he list.  

If you know that you (may) require stamps from more one list, mention this with each email you send, and I will consolidate and give you a total figure.

In the past a couple of customers have been surprised by the total cost of their order - please try to keep a rough track of the total cost of what you are asking for.  I don't want to draw all the stamps from stockbooks onto stock cards only to be told that you can't afford them.  This would be especially unfair on other customers who might have been turned down because you had 'reserved' the stamps.

Postage and packing will follow usual rates.  For very large orders special delivery may be advisable. 

Purchases from our online shop can be included; to complete the order payment must be made, but please include a message with the order that you are ordering from the lists as well.  Postage paid on online orders will be taken into account when adding other stamps.

If you have any questions please email or phone.