Stock price lists - Updated February 2023 - pdf downloads.

As we work our way through the accumulated Machins I am producing price lists rather than taking the time to add stamps to the e-commerce/shop site.  

Most people know what the stamps look like, save for variations, so there is little point in scanning them and adding details to the shop, especially when we only have one to sell.

Please send your order to All items are subject to availability and you will see that for many we have only one copy.

We will reply as quickly as possible with details of what we can supply and the total cost of your order, together with payment details.

Orders will be posted after receipt of payment except for regular customers.

We will add to this list as new lists are produced, and as each one is updated, that will be indicated.

A number of people have had problems with their browser not allowing them to download from our insecure website (ie it is http://, rather than https://).  This is despite our not needing or taking any personal data nor for cookies.  

Because of this I have now loaded these lists into Dropbox. 

UPDATE 10 August 2023 - because these lists have been so popular, most of them are now out of date as regards available stock.  

I am stopping access to the lists until they have been reviewed and updated - new versions will be added to Dropbox as soon as we have done the necessary updating of each list.

As Royal Mail have not yet announced a deadline for the Swap-out scheme, we will continue to list stamps for sale here.

Some will also be mentioned as one-off sales on the blog itself, for example we have found a small selection of missing phosphors.  These will mainly be one-offs, so the people who check the blog more frequently will have the first chance of buying.

UPDATE 27 November 2023

Observant readers will have noticed that Machin definitives with ellipticala perforations (the Gibbons Y-numbers) have not been listed yet.  That list is now available on Dropbox.  Other lists, mostly revised versions of previous lists, will be added shortly.

List 8 - Machin Y-numbers with elliptical peforations. 

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