Friday 1 December 2023

Royal Mail make postboxes festive in major cities.

After a quiet year for decorated postboxes, Royal Mail has once again decorated postboxes for the festive season.  

The press release is not yet on the corporate website but the gist of it is in the media already.

Nick Landon, chief commercial officer at Royal Mail, said: “This is Royal Mail’s busiest time of the year.

“December sees about twice as many letters, cards and parcels as other months.

“At Royal Mail, we’re geared up to help with festive preparations, whether that’s delivering the nation’s love and best wishes through Christmas cards, or the presents that tens of millions of people will be shopping online for right now.

“This year we’re adding some extra festive joy and cheer for people sending their letters and Christmas cards to loved ones through our amazing singing postboxes.”

The postboxes are located in London’s Oxford Street, Glasgow’s George Square, Belfast’s Donegall Square West and Union Street in Swansea.


The postboxes are pictured on Royal Mail's X-account (formerly Twitter).  "Four of our Postboxes across the UK have been decked out for Christmas, and merrily respond to post with one of three festive tunes."

Belfast – Donegall Square West Singing Postbox
Glasgow – George Square Singing Postbox

London – Oxford Street (opposite John Lewis) Singing Postbox

From Google Street View, a view from the other side showing the John Lewis store.

London – Oxford Street (opposite John Lewis) Postbox - Google Street View

Swansea – Union Street Singing Postbox

An odd picture against a shuttered storefront. Was it a run-down part of Swansea? No, it was a jewellery store on overnight closure!

Swansea – Union Street  Postbox - Google Street View.


  1. Why do this nonsense when they don't want to deliver letters or cards and say they're losing money on them ?

  2. It's going to make spotting fake postboxes even harder... rather like there stamps


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