Thursday 5 October 2023

October 2023 slogan postmarks and other interesting postal markings.

Moving on from Royal Mail's special stamp programme to more philatelic matters....

Slogan postmarks used in October will be shown here; please check for latest updates before spending your time scanning, but if you have something new or another format, then please do send it in for publication.

The month has continued the September use of the default British Heart Foundation support slogan in most places, but is off to a great start with a late use of the June Windrush slogan at Gatwick Mail Centre! My thanks to HH for sending this extremely clear example used on 2 October.

Empire Windrush slogan used late at Gatwick Mail Centre on 02/10/2023.

UPDATE 17 October:  Thanks to RW for the first new slogan of October.  This marks Anti-Slavery Day and, unusually, is from Aberdeen Mail Centre.  

Anti-Slavery Day
18th October

Anti-Slavery Day postmark slogan Aberdeen Mail Centre 14-10-2023

UPDATE 20 October:  A reasonable example of the other format of this slogan from Chester & N Wales / Caer a Gog Cympru Mail Centre today was on a letter we received this morning.

Anti-Slavery Day postmark slogan Chester Mail Centre 17/10/2023

UPDATE 3 NOVEMBER: The last slogan for October carries on to November, but here is one sent by AB making Movember, the cancer awareness campaign, used at Bristol Mail Centre 31/10/2023.

The Moustache is Calling
Raise funds. Save lives.
Sign up now.

Movember slogan used at Bristol Mail Centre 02-11-2023


Other examples are shown in November.

Other postmarks, postal markings etc,

Nothing to report his month

If you have any other interesting postal markings, please send them to one of the email addresses in the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

Remember, any other slogans appearing in October will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll add new ones as quickly as possible.

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