Monday 9 October 2023

Museum Post and Go machines are in the final throes but not dead yet.

Press Release

The Postal Museum is set to mark the opening of the new temporary exhibition Dressed to Deliver with Post & Go stamps from 18th October 2023. 

The new “The Postal Museum/Dressed to Deliver” overprint will appear on the “Mail by Bike” stamps originally released in February 2016. These six designs celebrate the use of innovative modes of transport from the Pentacycle in 1882 to Quad Bikes in 2002. 

They also depict the riders wearing a variety of uniforms making them an appropriate way to celebrate the launch of our new exhibition. The overprint will be live from 18th October 2023.

London Postal Museum Post & Go stamps with Dressed to Deliver imprint, presentation pack of six stamps.

In addition to Post & Go stamps, there will be a range of products available including a First Day Cover. This limited edition of 200 First Day Covers will feature each of the six designs as first-class stamps with the “Dressed to Deliver” overprint. They will be cancelled with the official handstamp for The Postal Museum and are individually numbered. This product is sold exclusively by The Postal Museum.

Also available for purchase will be a limited number of 100 Presentation Packs. These will include a collectors’ strip consisting of all values of the “Mail by Bike” stamps with the “Dressed to Deliver” overprint, enclosed in a fold-out card with information about the exhibition.

The cover and pack will be available in the museum’s shops from 18th October 2023 and for pre-order online from 11th October 2023.

Update on Post & Go:
Following Royal Mail’s announcement on 1st September 2023, the Post & Go Kiosks will close at 5pm on 31st December 2023. Therefore, these will be the last First Day Covers and Presentation Packs that The Postal Museum will produce with overprints from our Post & Go machines. The stamps will be available until 31st December at the A001 Post & Go machine in the TPM welcome space, subject to availability.

The Presentation Packs and First Day Covers will be available on site and online at from 18th October until September 2024, subject to availability. Pre-order online from 11th October 2023, delivery from 17th October 2023 onwards.

Further information:
Please note, there will be no new overprint in the Mail Rail Post & Go machine (A013). The image of the First Day Cover is a mock-up of the final product which will be cancelled with the official handstamp for The Postal Museum.

Two Post & Go machines are available at The Postal Museum throughout the museum’s opening hours. Every purchase helps support The Postal Museum.


Update: Prices will be £20 for the first day covers and £35 for the presentation pack- plus postage if ordering by mail order.


  1. Available for pre-order from today

  2. All 100 PP’s sold and 109 of the 200 FDC’s sold by 9.15pm on 11 October

  3. In view of another price hike to postage rates, 'Stand And Deliver' may have been more appropriate.

  4. Reliable delivery would be good. Sometimes don't see a postman for a week or more.
    I have been told (by 3 different posties ) that the local sorting office is witholding ordinary mail to prioritise tracked mail and parcels. I recently received a sending (from Royal Mail) that should have been delivered on 9th August.


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