Wednesday 1 February 2023

February 2023 Postmark Slogans - starting with a new one - and other interesting postal markings

All slogan postmarks used in February will be shown here; please check for latest updates before spending your time scanning, but if you have something new or another format, then please do send it in for publication.

The earlier default 'Use your old stamps' slogan continued until 30 January, we think.  It may reappear to reflect the 31 July validity date, but for the time being we have a new default, I think.

Back in November, Royal Mail announced that its employees had chosen a new charity partner, and that they were partnering with the British Heart Foundation for the next four years.  Reference to the BHF website reveals that February is Heart Month and the latest slogan (thanks to OT) reflects this - we think!  

It may well also be the new default, replacing the Action For Children mental health slogan.

The slogan has the BHF logo and web address, but for the wording we will have to wait for another example or a proof from Royal Mail press office.  This is from North & West Yorkshire on 31/01/2023.

British Heart
Royal Mail supporting
heart health with

BHF slogan, indistinct, North & West Yorkshire 31/01/2023

UPDATE 3 February: my thanks to JE (who confirmed that this is the new default slogan, for a better version of this layout) and to KD for a reasonable one from Nottingham Mail Centre on incoming mail from Portugal.

BHF slogan, indistinct, Nottingham 31-01-2023 (possibly)

BHF slogan from Lancashire and South Lakes 31/01/2023

UPDATE 7 February  - finally a nice legible copy from Home Counties North (Hemel Hempstead) dated 04-02-2023 (thanks to JE).


BHF slogan,from Home Counties North 04-02-2023

UPDATE 7 February.  JE writes: "National Apprenticeship Week' came into use yesterday, 6 February, apparently for 3 days.  Royal Mail have again made the mistake of trying to include a long web address, which appears in lettering too small to read - except in the most perfect impressions!"  His example is from Lancashire & South Lakes, while OT sent a picture of the other format from Jubilee Mail Centre.

National/Apprenticeship/Week/6-12 February/

National Apprenticeship Week slogan from Jubilee Mail Centre 06-02-2023

National Apprenticeship Week slogan from Lancashire & South Lakes (Preston) 06/02/2023


My thanks to HH for sending this counter datestamp (so rare on letters these days) cancelling a 2nd class Wilding stamp (which thankfully was not declared invalid by Revenue Protection).  It's a normal self-inking-datestamp (SID) with the wavy edge from Brownsover, near Rugby, but this is the first one I've seen with this sort of date error - 32 JA 23

Brownsover [Rugby] SID with date error 32.JA.23

If you have any other slogans used this month, or any other interesting postal markings, please send them to the email address in the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

Remember, all postmarks appearing in February will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll try to add new ones as quickly as possible.


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