Monday 12 September 2022

Temporary post

I forgot to announce, but by now you are probably aware, that I was away all last week, returning on Sunday.

Fortunately John was able to record the passing of Her Majesty the Queen on Friday, and I have been dealing with comments on that post remotely.  

I have now closed comments on that, pending a more detailed comment from me on 'Even more thoughts on barcoded Machins' and what comes next.

Royal Mail's position is reasonably clear 

"Following the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Mail has confirmed that stamps bearing the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II remain valid for use.

These include Definitive stamps - regular ‘everyday’ stamps - and Special Stamps. As previously announced, following the introduction of barcodes to everyday stamps, these non-barcoded stamps remain valid until the end of January 2023. Full details of our Swap Out programme can be found here. 

All Special Stamps that have already been announced will be issued, although the launch dates of some may change.

In line with past practice, following the death of a monarch all existing post boxes will remain unchanged. Post boxes already in production or being prepared for installation, will also retain the insignia of Queen Elizabeth II.

A gallery of GB stamps on which The Queen featured is available here: A life in stamps.

No further announcements on stamps will be made before the funeral, and then only at the appropriate time, after consultation with Buckingham Palace."

Note that paragraph three says that the launch date for remaining special issues may change, but that they will all be issued. 

The Royal Marines set is due for issue on 29 September with the embargo being lifted on 15th. UPDATE: the embargo is now 20th September.

A more considered post later.

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