Wednesday 13 April 2022

Slogan Postmarks for April, and other postal markings

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine continuing the humanitarian effort needed is increasing, and Royal Mail have continued use of the relevant slogan over from March.

The slogan advertising the Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal which has been widely used since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  


The first April example comes from a reader in Italy and it also shows the new £1.85 barcoded Machin. used on the day of issue.  It's posted in Cumbria Dumfries & Galloway 07/04/2022, apparently with two strikes of the date and place section. 

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal slogan postmark from Carlisle Mail Centre 07/04/2022 on new barcoded £1.85 Machin definitive.

UPDATE 14 April: My thanks to JH & BM for April versions of the other layout from Jubilee Mail Centre. I'm showing BM's as it was placed at the foot of the envelope away from the stamp: date 13-04-2022.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal slogan postmark Jubilee Mail Centre13-04-2022.

UPDATE 26 April: The Ukraine Appeal continues to keep the student artists recognition slogan away from the mail.  A new 1st class datamatrix stamp shown here with a Lancashire & South Lakes postmark dated 20/04/2022.  (Thanks to DB for this one.)

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal slogan postmark of Preston Mail Centre 20/04/2022 on new datamatrix 1st class Machin definitive.

By this time we might have expected a slogan for a Happy Easter or some religious message but, given how close we are to the Easter weekend, I don't expect one now.  

Update: according to the Royal Mail press release on the Heroes of the Pandemic stamps, "In addition, to mark their success, a special postmark will feature on stamped mail delivered to addresses nationwide. Each child will have their name included on their own congratulatory postmark over the coming weeks."

Clearly this has given way, for the time being, to the DEC Ukraine appeal.  More news when we get it, but look out for these postmarks coming soon. 

Other postmarks etc

It's a while since this Manchester postmark from their 'Large Flat' postmarking machine has had a mention in this column.  We showed an example in 2016 but this is an earlier one from 2009 with bars, or a frame, over the upper and lower parts of the postmark.  I am including it here not because it is new, but because every now and then collectors find one and don't know what it is.

Postmark from Manchester Large Flat Machine dated 25 November 2009

MM also sent a picture of what he described as 'Litter'.  I know some people collect anything postal and certainly there is a huge range of bag labels and crate routing tickets available.  I don't think I've seen one for Sunday Delivery before.  This is from North Tyneside Delivery Office and the purple colour certainly makes it distinctive.

North Tyneside DO Sunday Delivery crate label, for routing.


This is the place where all news about April postmarks - provided by readers or discovered by us - will be posted.  Please check back and refresh the page before sending anything which may have already been sent since you last looked: this will save you time scanning and writing.  Variants on postmarks already shown are welcome.



  1. Wasn't the date of issue the 4th April rather than the 7th?

  2. From 2007 to 2017 I understood Manchester to be the only Mail Centre with such a postmark for the 'flats' i.e. Large Letters.
    Maybe it still is.


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