Saturday 2 October 2021

October 2021 postmark slogans

This is the place for all new slogans for October, and any other interesting postal markings that I find or which are reported.

The month got off to a good start, in September for delivery on 1 October, with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month slogan

Once again RW was the first to send an image (below).  This example is from Nottingham dated 30/09/2021.

Breast Cancer
1-31 October
        + CHECK

Breast Cancer Awareness Month postmark slogan, Nottingham, 30/09/2021

The other format comes from KD, a true October slogan from Glasgow dated 01-10-2021.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month postmark slogan, Nottingham, 30/09/2021

UPDATE 18 October.  My thanks to KD, RL & JE for recent reports on postmark slogans. I'm sorry that domestic matters have limited my time for adding the news here.

The first is a variation on the above Breast Cancer slogan, "trialled in one Intergrated Mail Processor machine in Bristol Mail Centre.  The whole imprint has been moved 20mm to the left, and the wavy lines at right reduced from 7 to 3.  The Royal Mail cruciform logo is intentionally omitted.  This layout is intended to accommodate barcoded stamps, similar to the trial 2nd class Machin issued in March, to avoid the wavy lines obcuring the barcode."

Breast Cancer Awareness Month postmark slogan, Bristol, 06/10/2021 in new trial layout.

This is especially interesting as nobody has reported any use of said 2nd class Datamatrix Machin on other than philatelic mail.  Please report any other sightings of this 3-line layout!

UPDATE 19 October: PA has sent another image this time with the 2nd class Datamatrix stamp showing how, if the stamp is applied 'normally' the barcode will be clear.

Together for our Planet postmark slogan, Bristol, 18/10/2021 in new trial layout, on 2nd class Datamatrix stamp.

This layout has no space for the Royal Mail logo as there are only four elements to the impression. All have been shifted to the left, with a blank in the right-most position.
UPDATE 23 October: Thanks to KD for demonstrating that this layout is not confined to Bristol with this example of the 'Together for our Planet' slogan from Nottingham with three wavy lines.

Together for our Planet postmark slogan, Nottingham 21/10/2021 in new trial layout.

A new slogan marks Anti-Slavery Day which is today, 18 October. Here are examples from Preston (Lancashire and South Lakes) and the other (iLSM) layout from Dorset & SW Hants both on 14 October.

Anti-Slavery Day
18th October

Stamping out Modern Slavery slogan Dorset & S.W. Hants 14-10-2021

Stamping out Modern Slavery slogan Lancashire and South Lakes 14-10-2021

Later: KD reports receipt of a barely legible late* use at Nottingham aroound 14 October of the Together for our Planet slogan used in September. (Usage date is based on the invoice inside!)

Together for our Planet SME Climate Hub - Nottingham late use in mid-October 2021
* It seems that this is not a late use but a reuse as they are appearing in several places.  (See also the Bristol & Nottingham trial layout above).

UPDATE 3 November recognising the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, otherwise known as COP26, Royal Mail has a new slogan in widespread use, thanks to the readers who sent these in while we were away:
UK 2021


The best example is from Plymouth and Cornwall mail centre 27/10/2021. The slogan continued into November and another example will appear on a new month's post.  Note that this has the three wavy lines which now seems to have been extended to the whole country.

UN Climate Change Conference slogan used at Plymouth and Cornwall mail centre 27/10/2021


  1. "Together for our planet with a three-line wave received from Tyneside NE/SR (22/10/2021) and an almost completely illegible "UN Climate" ??? from Edinburgh, again with the three wavy lines 22/10/2021 or 23/10/2021)

    1. I have received today postmarked 29/10 from Birmingham, UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 in partnership with Italy.


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