Wednesday 5 February 2020

New version of Norvic Machin Security Checklist - v 2.2.1

My apologies to the many readers who have been asking for a new updated version of the checklist which I promised in December.  Unfortunately non-business matters have taken a lot of time and will continue to do so, so I am fitting things in when and where I can.  

I'm pleased that I stopped supplying new Machins last year, because I certainly could not have continued to process as many orders as we had in previous years.

And for those who have trouble with Dropbox, I am pleased to say that for the time being the Checklist is back on our website, and can be viewed in your browser or downloaded (exact details depend on your browser and settings).

A number of errors have been pointed out; v 2.2.2 is now available.

Please visit this link

This listing is updated to the forthcoming (11 February) Visions of the Universe PSB (£1.35 stamp shown on the front page), and includes as far as I have been able new Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue numbers and minor updates to booklet details.

If you spot any errors (and I've found some very old ones while doing this update!) please let me know.

The next major addition to the document will be postage rate tables to assist collectors of modern postal history.  
An increasing number of collectors are looking at the usage of stamps as well as just collecting them mint. When assessing whether a cover or parcel piece is properly paid for the time of posting, it is necessary to calculate the actual worth of NVI stamps - which may include those with international values - at the time. These tables will be provided to assist this.


  1. The £1.17 MPIL M19L was issued on 26/11/2019 from Star Wars PSB. You have it shown as being issued 11/02/2020 from Visions of the Universe PSB (P.21).

    1. Thank you Chris. That seems to be a series of copy and paste errors for the Visions book.

      But I also see that in Feb 2020 GSM they show the Star Wars PSB as containing pane U3072q, which itself is said to contain U3071 (2p), U3077 (50p), and 3807 each x2 and 3808/9. Clearly wrong as it doesn't contain U3072, the 5p: the detail has been copied from U3072p, the Q Victoria pane.

      I wonder if anybody told them! I'll get a revised version (2.2.2) done as soon as possible.

  2. Brilliant work again Ian. well done and thank you for the effort and time and nowledge you put into this excellent document. Michael


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