Tuesday 4 February 2020

February Slogan Postmarks, etc.

The very first February slogan started in January so has been listed there as well.  It is not clear at this stage whether the LGBT+ slogan will continue, but it seems likely as it advertises the History Month.

The World Cancer Day slogan started on 31 January.  The CDS shows this and that it was posted in Northwich, so the Mail Centre was probably Chester.
World Cancer Day
4 February 2020

World Cancer Day in the other format from Plymouth and Cornwall Mail Centre and Gatwick Mail Centre both on 03/02/2020.  I've also been sent examples of the above format from Norwich, and the one below from Bristol Mail Centres but both are so poor that they are not worth showing.

Also in use on 31/01/2020, at Tyneside and Bristol Mail Centres is this new slogan for LGBT+ History Month.  Again, Bristol's impression is poor with the source appearing to be DA, DG, GL & TA - which is a very wide spread of postal areas!

February is
LGBT+ History

If any examples from February are supplied, I'll show them for the record.

Update 6 February - here's one from Southampton dated 05/02/20


UPDATE 10 February - here's one from IB with the other layout and taller font, from Jubilee Mail Centre dated 07-03-2020

UPDATE 10 February 2020

Royal Mail are cramming a lot of slogans into the month of February, with the latest one being for Valentine's Day.  It's reminiscent of the Greetings stamps issued in 2003.  This example arrived here from Peterborough Mail Centre dated 08-02-2020

I like you...
Do you like me?
☐ Yes  ☐ No
14 February 2020

Thanks to RW for a similar one from Exeter also dated 08-02-2020.

UPDATE 11 February.  My thanks to BM for this 'other format' example of the Valentine slogan from North & West Yorkshire dated 10/02/2020

UPDATE 18 February
Thanks to RW and CH for providing, on probably the first day, both examples of the new Climate Change slogan.  One would thing this must have been prompted by the government?  One format from Croydon Mail Centre, the other from South East Anglia, both on 17 February.

Working together to
tackle climate change
in this Year of
Climate Action -
search UKCOP26

UPDATE 24 February
My thanks to BM for the latest, and possibly least necessary slogan from Royal Mail, certainly in comparison with the rest of the month.  This example is from Bristol Mail Centre dated 20/02/2020

Pancake Day
shopping list: Plain
flour, eggs, milk
and your favourite
25 February 2020

Inkjet slogans will appear here for the whole of February.  Any Universal usage will appear in a separate block after the slogans.

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  1. At least they have cleaned the nozzles on the printer and you can now read the postcodes on the Bristol Mail Centre "pancake" postmark. Perhaps they read the earlier post!


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