Thursday 27 September 2018

Summary update after our break

Summary of recent news.

1.  The October stamp issue has now been revealed as another for Harry Potter.  You can pre-order on Royal Mail's website.  This includes a set of 10 x 1st class, a miniature sheet, and a retail booklet.  This last contains 4 x 1st class Machins coded M18L MCIL and so no different to earlier booklets.  More about this on another blogpost where you will be able to let us know what you think.
(Edit: I've now seen that there is a Prestige Book as well, which may contain something more interesting for collectors.  Thanks to IR and Royal Mail's website, where the December-issued PSB has a 16 October FD postmark(!), we know that the stamps are shown to be 1p, 20p, 50p & £1.25, so 4 new stamps.)

2.  More new Machin definitive has been found - both Special Delivery stamps, 100g and 500g, M18L are now known to exist, and we are making arrangements to obtain them.  The 2nd Large business sheet has also been noted on eBay.

Finally, please take a look at the rewritten review of the 2018 counter sheet stamps, which now contains more startling new information.


  1. Royal Mail are offering not one, but two Prestige Stamp Booklets; the second advertised as a 'Limited Edition' booklet, at three times the price of the ordinary one. Not interested in the booklets per se, just the stamps contained therein, so not sure if this is a first and therefore whether there are likely to be stamps in the limited edition, not available elsewhere in the issue(s), or whether it is just that there is just going to be a fancier cover and more information pages inside?

  2. Royal Mail have done this a few times now producing a second version of Prestige books. I'm sure as you say they just have fancier covers. I can not see Royal Mail printing special stamps just for this limited edition book.

  3. Royal Mail have always made it clear in the past that these Premium PSBs have exactly the same stamps in them as the ordinary PSBs. They appear to be mainly targeted at the theme collectors rather than the philatelic collectors.


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