Sunday 16 September 2018

Machin Definitive Stamps Checklist v 2.0.8 now available

My apologies for the delay in providing a new version of the Checklist.  This is now available from Dropbox here

Version 2.0.8 incorporates the latest information about blue and yellow phosphor on Walsall printings of the counter sheet stamps, and includes the 1st class from the World War I PSB issued last week.  Some changes have also been made to Royal Mail product codes for these stamps.

Updates and Corrections:
Thanks to readers who have provided corrections and additions to the list, and my apologies for the oversight.

Firstly, in the latest Gibbons Stamp Monthly John Deering has pointed out that the colour of the 1st class from the World War I PSB is 'vermillion' rather than 'bright scarlet'.  This is the one we have listed as deep scarlet 3702aP.8 - but it could be renumbered as 3702P.8!  In fact, looking at all the 1st class red MPIL stamps, they are remakably similar in shade, and viewing them is not helped by the iridescent printing which does alter ones perception of the shade.  Anyway, I shall scan them side-by-side in due course and leave you to judge.

20p: the second printing of the Walsall M18L counter sheet was omitted, this should appear as

2018 - M18L - Issue 12/09/18 - DS207WL - U2924 - U2924 - (Norvic) 3020.8a - PD 085/0/18 Blue phosphor.

Page 16, 2p M_IL:  the SG number is U3071d not U3071e.


  1. I hope it is not your intention to introduce a new code 'PSB2' for security backing paper.

    1. Sorry for the typo - clearly what it is as I refer only (I hope!) to SBP in the Checklist.

  2. Whilst you were away the 2nd Large from business sheets MBIL M18L appeared on Ebay, as a new NVC I would have thought TH would have issued this to account holders.

    1. TH do not regard a change in date code as a non-visible change; it would be more logical to regard it as a visible change but in the 10 years that these codes have been in use there has never been a business sheet issued as a new product from Royal Mail except when the colour/font/phone number changed. They would much rather sell them to dealers for cutting up to individual stamps for collectors.


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