Wednesday 11 July 2018

Next round of Walsall-printed Machin counter sheets due on 12 September.

Royal Mail have confirmed that the September round of Walsall-printed counter sheets will be issued on 12 September, the first day of Autumn Stampex and ideal for getting first day covers. 

But will you include the 2p on this 'first day of philatelic availability'?  Or any of the others that might have been found in Post Office branches by then.  I suppose it is worth having one as a record, as long as it is stored with a note indicating its unusual nature and details of when the stamps actually appeared.

Royal Mail product codes are predicatbly

1p - DS018WL
2p - DS022WL
5p - DS055WL
2nd Large - DS421WLS

Also issued on that day will be Royal Mail's 'Mail by Bike' Post and Go set.


  1. Friday 20th July - just to confirm that the 'predictable codes' are not in use yet and items cannot be ordered in advance. Their system shows "New awaiting release" Presume we will have to hold on till September. No doubt despite being 'first in the queue' at Stampex all those items will have been exhausted or they have forgotten to bring them! However, on the earlier blog of the 9th mention is made of the 2p availability via the Business Section. This is not the case for the 2p. Back in May I ordered full sheets of the 10p, 20p and £1 through Tallents House who indicated that they had place the order via the Business section (Codes were 10p DS010WLFS; 20p DS207WLFS; £1 DS106WLFS. I received these all in about 2 days from order. This time Tallents House appear to either know nothing about the 2p or are now unable to place orders via the Business Section.
    Doug (Enfield)

    1. Thanks Doug,
      The 2p was available from the business section website when I ordered. Postage is extra - unless as I did, you order the 1st Large business sheet which took it over £50 total!

      I am not surprised that the September stamps are not yet available to pre-order as I was told that the 2nd Large was unlikely to be printed until August. They certainly won't put them on the system until they have stock. I am surprised that they ordered it through the business section - must have played hell with the accounting if what I am always told about separation is anything to go by.

      However, I think you are being unduly cynical (normally my job!) about availability at Stampex. They certainly had the surprise 50p M17L in February. This is a first day of philatelic availability; they will make sure they have plenty because they will issue this 87p set to those who have non-visible change on standing order.

  2. On Thursday 19th July my local PO received some stock which included Walsall 2p, 10p and 20p sheets. All had the printing date of the 09/02/18. So by the time Stampex comes around most offices should have these in stock.

    1. Thanks Brian,

      Certainly the 2p is reported as being available, and of course the 10p and 20p were available for distribution a while back, so it would be surprising if they had not reached POs by now. Now if the 2p at Stampex had a different date.......


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