Tuesday 24 July 2018

Another non-stamp modern postal history cover

A short while ago I wrote about why 2nd class Large stamps in PO branches are so old, and
showed an alternative means of paying for postage, via PayPal.

A recent (non-stamp) purchase from eBay was sent using ebay-purchased postage:

As you will see this is an ordinary 1st class letter, and I doubt that there is any saving of money to be made paying for postage like this rather than using a stamp.

On the other hand there is the convenience of not buying and stocking stamps, and of paying for the purchase online, possibly from a PayPal account.  I think the system also calculates the postage based on weight and destination, which saves the guesswork.

So another one to keep.


  1. Even better if they get cancel with a slogan or with one of the few remaining Universals (Cornwall’s is working well at the moment)

  2. The use of market placed linked postage options may be the only way a seller has to dispatch items in a timely manner. Partly due to the increase in Mobile/Hosted Outreach post offices which have limited opening times and the increase in the number of offices closing/closed due resignation and premises being withdrawn for Post Office use.

  3. Now officially Amazon sellers will be using these types of labels


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