Thursday 14 December 2017

New version of Machin Security Checklist now available; website update problem

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited updated version of our Checklist is now available from the usual source: click here.  [All new editions are now on Dropbox.]

This version 1.7.3 1.7.2 includes the Star Wars prestige book stamps issued today, although we are not entirely sure how the 1st class will be treated by Gibbons due to the colour.
V1.7.3 corrects a few errors in SG numbers on pp15/16.

New for this edition is a table showing which values have been issued with which year codes.  This is not quite the same as saying which have been issued in which year as some are not issued until the following year, but it will help to make sure that year-code collections are complete.

No updates to website
Unfortunately, the webpage where you ask for the list to be sent to you hasn't been updated due to an error in the latest version of the web-design software that we use.  It simply won't load because there is an error in the coding, so we can't edit or add any new pages on the website at present.  We'll get this sorted as soon as the developer fixes the software.


  1. Hi if the 1st class stamp from Star Wars PSB is vermillion surely it will carry the number U3016 as per the versions in 2013/15 & 2016? I may be wrong though, usually am :-)

    1. U3010 onwards are litho
      U3001-5 are gravure.
      U3003 and U3007 are the new numbers allocated to the Machin Anniversary PSB stamps.

      Not sure what they will do for Star Wars.


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