Tuesday 10 October 2017

October 2017 Slogan Postmarks

Today is World Mental Health Day and yesterday Royal Mail used a nationwide postmark to mark the occasion.

I had four examples today from Edinburgh, Swindon, Sheffield and Romford Mail Centres.  The last three are shown here, with Sheffield using the / separator and Romford still using the decimal.  I hadn't noticed that the impressions with the / separator show the time as hh.mm.ss whereas the others show hh.mm.pm (or am).

UPDATE 12 October
I'm advised by JE that "On 9 October, Preston IMP 144 (Lancashire and South Lakes) used the Eye Health Week (18-24 September) slogan and not World Mental Health Day."

There has been no announcement about this, but I expect it to be a one-day only slogan - so reports of overruns and other new slogans are welcome, as always.  Thanks for continuing to send them.

BTW: did anybody ever see a slogan about the Queensferry Crossing ?  (Update, and image has now been added to this original post.  The slogan wasn't used in Scotland.)

Merchant Navy Convoys
A slogan commemorating '100th Anniversary of Merchant Navy Convoys' is reported to be in use on 2nd class mail from Saturday 14 October, so probably in use on 1st class as well, and possibly today 16 October.  It may be on all week, but there is no news on Royal Mail's website.

Our readers can be relied upon to come up with the goods, unfortunately both examples so far are from Jubilee Mail Centre!
UPDATE 18 October:  Sheffield MC has 'mental health awareness' on 17 October which suggests that the Merchant Navy slogan was one-day only.

As usual Royal Mail have marked the award of the Man Booker prize by a slogan postmark on 18 October 2017, this example from Peterborough MC.  (Thanks to JG & BE):

Congratulations to
George Saunders
winner of the 2017
Man Booker Prize

UPDATE 7 November
Still working with the National Health Service, what is probably the final slogan for October asks if we have had our vaccination against influenza.  Apparently a nasty version is coming in from Australia.  Only one example so far sent from Romford Mail Centre on 28 October.  Must be some more out there, as the next one I have is in a new post for November's slogans.

Have you 
had your 
flu jab yet?



  1. An article about Swindon’s National Stock Centre. But more interestingly on the right hand side, ‘Platinum Wedding Anniversary stamps’ you need a post office login to read the article, but it would seem that the Post Office has inadvertently confirmed what most of us suspected, and the re-introduction of the Poppy Stamp, which again confirmed what was expected especially with the un-overprinted ‘R17YUAL’ strips already on ebay 352178676883 & 282684763516

  2. Thank you for this, you forgot to add the link!

  3. Sorry, the web address was not pasting once copied


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