Tuesday 16 August 2016

R_y_l M_il's l_test Sl_g_n P_stm_rk supp_rts Missing Type f_r the NHS __ l__d _nd Tr_nspl_nt Service.

My thanks to Richard R for sending a copy of the latest Royal Mail slogan.  (And apologies to readers whose first language is not English and others who may have found the title of this post difficult to understand!)

Here's the new slogan, used at Croydon Mail Centre earlier today (I've adjusted the colours slightly):

While you can find out more about the NHS Blood and Transplant Service at www.blood.co.uk, details of the campaign can be found on PR Week's website:
Engine Group's Missing Type campaign for NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is relaunching, this time reaching beyond England and Wales by involving 21 countries globally.
The integrated campaign, which first ran last year and was a winner at Cannes and has been shortlisted for four PRWeek UK Awards this year, sees organisations and individuals encouraged to remove the As, Os and Bs – the letters that make up blood types – from their name to highlight the lack of blood donors. It is led by NHSBT and Engine Group agency MHP Communications.
The number of first-time donors globally has dropped by more than a quarter between 2005 and 2015.   This year, blood donation organisations from a range of countries including Australia, America, South Africa, Japan, Belgium and Ireland are also involved – with locations including Bondi Beach and Table Mountain being given the Missing Type treatment.
It's a very clever campaign, and having the message on letters going worldwide this week will increase awareness - from the inquisitive, anyway!

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  1. Hi, Ian! It's so interesting how the human mind is capable of understanding the context of a message, even if it lacks some of the letters. And this is an interesting marketing technique, indeed. Regards, Catalin


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