Friday 12 August 2016

Royal Mail Stamps and Post and Go at Autumn Stampex 2016

For the first time in a while it appears there will be no Machin Post and Go stamps at Autumn Stampex this year (14-17 September).   According to the Royal Mail Post and Go webpage:
Royal Mail Kiosks A009, A012 and A014 will be in operation at Autumn Stampex.
All machines will carry the new issue Ladybirds designs as well as the Poppy design with a Battle of the Somme pictorial overprint. 
Jersey machine JE01 will carry the new issue Beetles designs along with the Jersey Flag. The flag design will carry a ‘Battle of the Somme’ overprint. 
Guernsey machine GG01 will carry the Bailiwick Life designs along with the Guernsey Flag. The flag design will carry a ‘Battle of the Somme’ overprint. 
Gibraltar machine GI01 will carry the International Year of the Monkey design alongside the Gibraltar Flag. The Gibraltar Flag design will carry a ‘Gorham’s Cave World Heritage’ overprint.

The Ladybirds and Somme Poppy stamps are also available to pre-order via the IAR website.

So there will be nothing new for Machin collectors, as there is no prestige book associated with the Agatha Christie special stamp issue on 15th September, which is yet another set of se-tenant pairs.


  1. Anyone know what the new Jersey Beetles stamps are?

    1. They are advertised in Stamp & Coin Mart but may not be on the Jersey stamps website yet.

  2. Three public machines at Stampex this September and no Machins. What is the point of having the same two designs on all machines including the pre-order machine. Surely more lost revenue for Royal Mail.

    1. I've been told officially that this move reduces the costs to the collector. I knew that there would be Machin enthusiasts who would be unhappy (with there being no PSB either).

  3. Can't understand it myself. Why send two or more machines to an exhibition and vend the same stamps from them. Surely you would want to promote British stamps as much as possible. One design per reel (even 2nd class), Collectors can make up there own minds what to buy.
    That is the reason I and my 11 year old son will not be taking the 5 hour trip to London and therefore 2 less at Stampex.


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